09 April 2014

Great quotes for post-modern America, Issue 1

"Embrace and Maximize Bureaucracy. Proclaim greatness and manage the illusion, surround yourself with weakness, squelch negativity, avoid hard work and unfavorable comparisons, and take care of friends. We'll move forward together." -http://hamptonroads.com/2014/04/portsmouth-schools-keep-stashing-cash-after-warning

18 March 2014

Let's hang out

"Hey!  Do you want to go hiking/biking/swimming/gymming/bar-hopping/beer-shopping/cow-tipping/wine-sipping/concert-going/bubble blowing/house flipping/skinny dipping/bad singing/rope swinging/lecture attending/fence mending/real-being/life seeing?"

GCAS has been in hibernation, but is slowly coming back to the surface...

24 February 2014

Olympic poetry

I was so perplexed by the negative news coming from Sochi from the progressive media cabal, I wrote a few haikus:

News folks in Sochi
Blind to own socialism
Lauers and other cretins

Suck eggs, media snobs
Blameless in your own failings
You think you don't have

Obsessed with gay dudes
Parade moral turpitude
Why do you feign tolerance?

22 February 2014


"Pres. 0's FCC has determined that jokes about Democrats do not meet a 'critical public information need' and must cease immediately." - Freedomfan

21 February 2014

01 February 2014

An open letter to the GOP on amnesty

An open letter to the GOP on third parties and Lost causes. By way of introduction – let’s just say I’m one of Millions of formally loyal supporters of the GOP, we donate small amounts and volunteer to make phone calls and knock on doors and do things we don’t like to do just to support the Republican party – the people you are taking for granted.
We’re also the folks who are standing by dumbfounded as you’re doing the Democratic socialists' bidding of creating a whole new underclass of Dem voters granting amnesty to the illegal invaders.
Did people stick with the Titanic as it was sinking below the waves?
You say we will lose if we don’t support the party – well, we’re going to be losing anyway so, ‘What difference does it make?’ [To coin a phrase]
Let me fill you in on a couple totally freaking obvious facts that have escaped your well healed notice:
A). The Leftist-Socialist National Media is NEVER GOING TO BE YOUR FRIEND – learn this really obvious fact and put it in big block letters over your desks so you can remember it.
B). The Media and the DNC are going to label you Racists, terrorists or whatever unless you cease to be Conservatives and become a variation of their Socialist selves.
C). Never do what the enemy wants you to do – this is so blindingly so obvious the great strategist Sun Tzu didn’t bother saying this self-evident truth.
So, what do you need to do to get us to stick with you and get us back into your good graces?
Mark my words, you can either drop the insane idea of amnesty for the illegal invaders or you can destroy the party - It’s your choice. Pushing amnesty will either create 30 million new voters for Democratic largess or it will fractionalize the party.
2). Stop insanely nominating Rinocrats in the futile hope that the media will be ‘nice’ to you and not put the full weight of their propaganda machine to work shredding said candidate.
3). Stop trying to outbid the socialist with government largess.
It should be plain that you need to stand up for Conservative values – that is the only thing that will save the country from it’s inevitable demise at the hands of the socialists.
IF you do not do those simple things to save the party and save the nation, it will be AMF. You can stuff your endless appeals for my donations, and your admonitions to volunteer will fall on deaf ears.
We can and we will leave – many already have and the exits are getting pretty jammed up - Anonymous

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24 January 2014


On that final day, the only things I asked Chaps to pray for were unity and strength.

18 January 2014

Photo purge

Click to embiggen

Source: unknown.  I love the imagery of the seasons that this photo represents.


A favorite hideaway of mine with a long horizontal window, so inviting, opening to a very minimalist interior, and creative backlighting - felt kind of adobe, a crossroads, an invitation to a life-changing conversation, or something to be revealed.

14 January 2014


How to prepare for your cable-free life

I've written about this before:  Americans are afraid they won't know what to do in the absence of their feeding tubes.  http://makalakapisei.blogspot.com/2011/02/cut-your-umbilical.html

I was just reading this... http://forums.macresource.com/read/1/1652828 and thinking that there are all sorts of people waking up, realizing they are in the midst of a cultural dark age (well, yes and no - the "enlightened" might blame everyone else's degeneracy on Republicans and ask for more funding - Google CS 106 or the collapse of Detroit) and unplugging.

Here's how to do it:

1. Mentally prepare yourself and your family.  The lack of cable will be a big adjustment, especially if you have children that might feel that they have a "reduction in status" due to no cable - oh, the ignominy of telling one's friends, "Sorry, we don't have cable to watch," and might have to go walking instead.

2. Find out what services you really need.  I would say internet is probably all you might want, do you actually NEED cable t.v. (listen to games on radio, go out to watch them, or do a websearch, a lot of European sites stream them).

3. When Verizon retention specialists call begging you to remain at their teat, tell them you are unplugging from the Matrix (but be prepared for them to try to negotiate).

4. Get a library card and ask the librarian for a quick "refresher tour".  My s.o. loved this when we went through.

5. Start bookmarking websites that help make you feel connected with news, features, current events, discussion fora, links to or good substitutes for the things you feel you might miss.

6. Enjoy your new unplugged life!  I wish you all the best.

08 January 2014

On the road, with C.

It's about time I got going. Bessie, who had just run aground, is still a strong girl and the road's in front of me. The pedicab confessional was interesting, and wobbly. Days later, I would meet another displaced pedicab guy, this one from Ontario, wearing shorts in the cold weather. "I like your mitties," he said. I told him I thought he'd said, "Middies." Thus started yet another accidental conversation, the kind that usually reveal something interesting. He said that the cold didn't bother him, that it was all just a state of mind [plus a healthy metabolism, I would guess]. He said that same kind of mind was the one that has kept him alive, a kind of alertness like the hunter, that he kind of intimated that was less and less common. As the new year sprang, and after a few choice beverages, I tossed some firecrackers behind me and walked away like Denzel, I just seemed to fit the occasion and I always felt like doing that. Of course, there were some people watching the whole time from the balcony, and being caught in the act just didn't feel quite as cool, so I muttered out a casual 'HNY'.

05 January 2014


On HOAs:
Home Owner Associations are not needed here. It happened 25 years ago when people moved from another state and were use to having someone that would enforce covenants so people wouldn't raise livestock in their neighborhoods. The Livestock being raised was goats, pigs, chickens, and other small animals . They allowed their animals to roam lose as if they were in the country or another country.

Homeowner Associations are staffed by persons who love to get in other peoples business and have more than enough free time to do so. They want everything their way and use the term resale value to back up their actions. They consider being part of the association as "POWER".
And yes, some are definitely on a power trip. Resale value has nothing to do with the color of your house or what flag you fly.


20 December 2013

Free speech abuse

Patriarch this, patriarch that!  Quit overusing the word!  Just like when 99% of the media said, "In the wake of," ad nauseam. #MSMHiveMind

06 November 2013

Big big reveal...

I  just got back from Japan and am living reverse culture shock. I watch Jerry Springer and Married With Children to help me understand this alien world.
How are you?

29 October 2013

The president who has done the most damage

The president who has done the most damage, by Dennis Prager


Failure to recover from recession
Unprecedented debt and money printing
2,500 pg incomprehensible "law"
IRS as political gestapo
Obamacare - 1st legislation in U.S history passed with no votes from opposition
Exacerbated racial tensions
Fomented Marxist divisions among economic class
Weakest military
Allies no longer trust U.S.
Alienated longest standing Arab allies
Phase 5 in Iraq
He did transform America though.

25 October 2013

Terrible tourists - not happy in Narita

Now for some airport complaints:

1. Sino-tourists in the duty free.  The nouveau riche, in great Beverly Hillbillies fashion, are moving out in pestilent hordes, defacing Egyptian monuments, changing babies shiatty diapers on newspapers in airport thoroughfares, and spitting to the point where the Ministry of Tourism has made jingles to educate them...  In my experience earlier this month, one guy was pointing at something to his family and talking SO LOUD.  These commies are the true gaijin.  So his pointer finger was right next to my face and I shoved it down away from my head.

2. Chinese people standing in BOTH lanes on the moving walkway.  I was in a hurry and jumped over their boxes and crap in between the people like Knight Rider using Turbo Boost.

3. Fat Americans.  Loud screaming gaijin brats in the sushi-go-round at Narita.

4. Dirty smoking areas.  I watched a Japanese lady cleaning the smoke pit at Narita with a little brush, here I see spilled soda and garbage all over.  Meanwhile, in the U.S., if you're lucky enough to find one, it's soiled, sticky, sundered and sullen.  My nose bled all over that small room, Customs, and I walked around with a tissue stuffed up my nose covered in crimson blood, which had previously ejected from my nose dragging several inches worth of entrails quite spectacularly in the mens' room. 

I am moving to Japan because of the relative cleanliness.  And I love killing time in airports.  But travel is not really glamourous these days.  Bring plenty of nasal spray to survive the air on the plane, earplugs for the screaming kids, and intolerance for rude tourists. 

16 October 2013

Project update

The Roman-Moro super shiatter has now been installed and is so cool that even my dog is hanging out in there.  Gold and brown motif, new shower curtain. Every man has to have his sanctuary.  Next up: candelabra (Liberace?) and ... snacks?!  Maybe I should charge admission.


"Once I'm done dismantling economic liberty, I'm opening the castle gates."
- B.O. Stinks
"President B.O. said on Tuesday that stalled immigration reform would be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved."-

"But the fiscal crisis is never resolved, is it? It just keeps getting put off, ignored, tiny bandages placed on it, swept under the rug, etc. The government waits a lifetime just to blow it off. The debt grows, the budget is never balanced, no new revenue coming in, new taxes being created, old taxes being raised, entrepreneurs scared out of creating new business/expanding existing business, and the only winners in all of this are politicians." - Steve

URL: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/obama-says-push-immigration-fiscal-crisis-over-013802515.html

15 October 2013

Defining moment of the Obama presidency came to pass last weekend

Remember when Moochelle said that, "For the first time she was proud of the U.S. [when B. Hussein was elected],"? Ever since "reconciliation" took place, the process by which 0bama and his minions "Rahmed 0bamacare through" the sharply divided Congress against the will of the people, and after such dirty deals as "The Louisiana Purchase" took place, we Americans have been subjected to more and more of the same.  Given our Idiocracy, the 24/7 news cycle and our forgetful, me-first nature  these lessons are quite ephemeral.  Seeing a new round of EBT-laden Wal-Mart stampedes gave us pause and showcased these features of our troubled society. 

However, there was one event last weekend that we should all be proud of.  Veterans, you know, dangerous usurpers, gathered at the National Mall to tear down "Barrycades" that would never exist in our pre-Marxist times.  You know, the times before PCness and regulation nation could be squelched out of hand because those ideas and the notion that War Memorials could be closed for "our safety" seemed so ridiculous, they would never come to pass.  (During the last "government shutdown", the memorials were never closed.) People gave their lives for the events and ideas that those memorials represent.

The Barrycades were deposited exactly where they belong: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  And for that, I was truly proud of my nation again.  And I truly believe that this event should be featured henceforth in all newly published history books, for the blowback against the foolishness of the current administration was the defining moment of his presidency.

02 September 2013

Cagey's listening to

...synth goodness. Jan Hammer (Dadrian Wilson) - The Great McCarthy - - (1983-1987) Jan Hammer - Gina - - (1983-1987) Jan Hammer - Rain - - (1983-1987) Jan Hammer - The Talk - - (1983-1987) Jan Hammer - Marina - - (1983-1987) Jan Hammer (Dadrian Wilson) - - The Great McCarthy (1983-1987) From the Miami Vice television series.